Virgin Telco

Designing an integrated brand & performance media strategy for the launch of a new telco brand


SomosSapiens launched the new Virgin Telco brand which belongs to Euskaltel Telecommunications Group.

We had media and communication objectives:

1. Make Virgin Telco known as a new brand, aiming for coverage and Brand Awareness.

2. Integrate media strategy with digital actions in order to generate conversion by qualified leads and sales. Continuous optimization to get the lowest cost per lead was a must. 


  • Continuity strategy to keep and promote brand memory, simplifying the media strategy: TV (Brand, Lead Creation) and DIGITAL (Performance, Lead Management).
  • Direct response strategy in order to optimize the tactical planning of the TV medium depending on leads objective results.
  • Result measurement through an integral attribution model (crossing the advertising campaign with daily obtained qualified leads).


Success in conversion results and business growth for the brand:

Success in Sales: 

  • + 107% in sales

Success in goals:

  • We exceeded the lead goal in only 4 months while the campaign objective was set for 8 months.