Attiki Honey

Brand Performance Optimization in TV


Ira Media were tasked with approaching the target audience in a deep and emotional level and increasing the Engagement Score of TV Plans for Attiki Honey.


Attiki Honey as a brand has an emotional profile of high 'Certainty' and low 'Relatedness'. Therefore, we had to match the appropriate TV shows & series with Attiki Honey's emotional profile.

We used the Exclusive Algorithmic TV Engagement tool, TV Scanner, through which we buy GRP’s on TV, based on the emotional profile of our target audience and not only on their socio-demographic profile!


Improvements in TV Buying led to increased Engagement Score. Results from just 8 months.

  • + 1.6 pp* 1st vs 4th burst
  • + 2.06 pp* last week of the 4th burst compared to the 1st

In terms of Emotional Approach...

  • + 0.8 pp* TV plan Certainty 1st vs 4th burst
  • - 1.04 pp* TV plan Relatedness 1st vs 4th burst

*PP = Percentage Points