Fix Auto - "First Words"

Providing performance media designed to generate conversion.


Fix Auto is the largest network of auto body repair facilities in Canada, and around the world, operating in over 808 fully independent locations in 9 countries. While Canadian-based Fix Auto was known in its home Country, both aided and unaided awareness and retail sales growth across the rest of markets were severely challenged. Exacerbating this was the abundance of regional and more familiar neighbourhood auto body repair shop options, in addition to the nonseasonal aspect of the business and challenged budget for National coverage.


Insight and strategy was driven by “No brand wants to be associated with bad news”. Therefore, build a kinship, and an affinity, by bringing this link into the open, in a humorous way.


The media idea is an extension of the creative idea by virtue of its memorable association with a collision: “Fix Auto, the first words that should come to mind after an accident.” 

Cundari achieved this by creating a relatable and ownable problem solution structure for auto collision with a very memorable mnemonic device. This platform not only allowed us to convey empathy and understanding, it also addressed the key objective: name recognition of Fix Auto in the auto body repair conversation. We developed “quick hit” consumer interceptions (15-second TV creative, augmented with mobile ads, six-second pre-roll and in-game content) in targeted, live media environments that were associated with collision-specific sports, traffic and rush-hour weather reports, and in-game racing.

Watch the 15-second TV creative here.


We drove all KPI’s up!


  • + 10% increase in sales
  • + 76% aided awareness YoY


  • + 7% increase in sales 
  • + 14% aided awareness YoY


  • + 14% increase in sales 
  • + 11% aided awareness YoY

TRAFFIC TO RETAIL - Our SEM campaign drove hundreds of thousands of leads to retail locations.