Cremo Company

From a niche brand to a multi-million dollar force in the men's grooming category.


Cremo was launching a beard care range to the bearded men of America, most of whom didn’t know such a category existed. USIM needed to develop a plan that explained the category and promoted the Cremo brand, while preserving the unique brand spirit and focus on quality.


There were two critical elements to the plan: Create AWARENESS of the new Beard Care range and PERFORMANCE to lift immediate sales and ensure increased retail velocity.

3DI – USIM's proprietary media mix optimization tool – told us channel mix requirements for awareness and performance for the beard care enthusiast were different.


Data was pivotal to building actionable segments for each part of the plan.

1st party -  Cremo’s own CRM enabled us to build lookalike and cross-sell the brand

2nd Party – Publishers data (FB, YT, GQ, etc.) identified targets engaged with beard-related content to build awareness with integrated content and video.

3rd Party – Retailers like Walmart and Target tied previous shopping patterns to geo-location of key stores. Custom targeted media in Walmart mobile app delivered 0.52% transaction rate vs CPG benchmark of 0.22%. 

Influencers played a critical part in the role out, with each Influencer carefully monitored for performance.


  • 53% Beard Category Increase
  • + 38% Increased Share of Market
  • 3 X Sales Volume Over Closest Competitor
  • + 75% Increase in Awareness of Cremo Bear Care Line