Aruba Tourism Authority

Data-led transformation of a marketing plan to deliver spectacular growth.


USIM began working with the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) at a time when the island was suffering from declining visitation and declining on-island revenue. The ATA needed to completely overhaul its marketing approach as up to 75% of the islands GDP came from tourism.


To make ATA’s marketing more effective, we needed to deliver personally relevant and engaging messages to a variety of different audience target segments. Geo-targeting was critical – proximity to airports offering direct flights, individual zip codes with high net worth households and a history of on-island spending were prioritized. The customers travel booking pathway is complex, with many different steps and influences. To be as effective as possible we needed to measure, test and re-optimize at every stage of the travel pathway.


Audience Targeting: Mining Aruba’s and other Caribbean travel data, USIM transformed media targeting from broad demographic segments (Millennials, Upscale Boomers) to qualified consumer verticals: Wedding and romance planning, Fine diners, Wellness enthusiasts. Media channel usage was reshaped from 100% demographically led traditional media to 100% addressable media, executed at the zip code level. The plan moved from DMA based execution to zip code based investment, focusing on specific high disposable income and high travel expenditure zip codes.


  • + 7.4% Rise in Vsisitation year-to-date
  • + 12.4% Increase in REVPAR
  • + 7.5% Increase in millennial visitation
  • + 6.2% Increase in on-island spend
  • Effie Awards award-winning campaign