What Kind of Behaviours Do You Expect Your Clients to Exhibit Post Covid-19?

Jul 16, 2020

In this blog, we will look at the kind of behaviours that Tribe Member and Partners expect clients to exhibit post Coronavirus. 

Almost half of Tribe’s Member agencies and business Partners expect to see an increase in empathy from clients towards their customers, with 44% voting this as the most expected behaviour. 

Mckinsey  emphasise that during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies that lead with empathy and genuinely address customer needs can strengthen relationships by building a foundation of goodwill and long-lasting emotional connections with the communities they serve. 

36% believe that clients will show greater support for their local communities. 

Over the past few months many brands and businesses have stepped up to support their communities during challenging times. From Nike donating millions to the Oregon Food Bank, Community Recovery Fund and Health and Science University, as well as giving free access to premium training progammes through its Training Club app, to Ford joining forces with 3M to support in the production of health equipment, it is clear to see the selfless responses that many brands around the world have shown as a result of the pandemic. ( Forbes )

31% of those surveyed expect clients to place more focus on highlighting their social values. 

22% expect clients to emphasise a new focus on the homebound economy. 

19% believe that their clients will present a return to business as usual.

And 19% of those surveyed expect to see other behaviours from their clients such as an increased focus on efficiency and “trimming the fat”, as well as more focus on their brand and what it stands for. 

Some Members believe that clients will place more focus on e-commerce and online communications, such as cross channel and omni channel. 

There have been massive changes to consumer shopping behaviours as a response to this uncertain period. A survey by  Engine  found that people are spending on average 10-30% more online.

One of Tribe’s Member agencies informed us that their clients are focused on driving bottom-line growth, feeding their sales engines and converting prospects to customers more quickly.

And lastly, the Tribe expect to see Sustainable Development Goals in clients’ business plans, with organisations harnessing SDG’s to drive growth, address risk, attract capital and focus on purpose. 

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