The Tribe Global Members Making a Difference for the Environment

Jun 5, 2019

This year to mark World Environment Day, we take a look at some thought-provoking environmental campaigns created by our Member agencies.  From whitepapers and events to web development and educational videos, spanning from San Francisco to Hong Kong, the Tribe’s environmental expertise is truly global. 


The challenge is on to ensure that the world has a sustainable future. It’s widely accepted that wholesale change is needed now to make a meaningful impact on the future of our planet. The construction sector undoubtedly plays a crucial role in creating a better, more sustainable economy – and society more generally.

Having worked with businesses across the built environment for the past 20 years, we’ve seen sustainability move to the top of the agenda and become the single most important challenge for the entire industry. What has also become clear in that time is that no one single party in the sector has (or can have) the whole solution. A combination of collaboration, open-mindedness and an entrepreneurial spirit will be needed to succeed.

That’s where events like Futurebuild (a longstanding Tangerine client) come in. Indeed, the recent 2019 edition brought together thousands of industry leaders, who collectively made a commitment to tackle the major challenges facing us all by moving beyond words and taking positive action. Against this backdrop, Tangerine teamed up with Futurebuild to launch a major new whitepaper that sets out an inspiring and actionable roadmap for change in the construction sector.

The  whitepaper  unites some of the most inspiring and forward-thinking minds in the industry. All are striving for a better, more sustainable built environment and all have a firm commitment to tackling the biggest challenges facing us head on. But that is only the start of the journey. Tangerine is currently using the whitepaper as a way to spur further built environment companies to join the conversation and share their ideas and imperatives in a new YouTube hub that we are creating alongside Futurebuild.

The goal is to create a collaborative, inspiring resource full of innovative thinking and forward-thinking ideas that empowers change and challenges industry leaders to step up and take action today for a better tomorrow. You can find out more about Tangerine Communications here


Did you know that in the USA 426,000 cell phones are thrown away every day?!

Arena Group, our Member agency in Stockholm, created an event for their client Dustin to build awareness around how important it is to recycle mobile phones. 

The concept involved technology which allowed the audience to their own mobile history timeline which they could get printed out at the event to take home and hang on their wall. The event was also used to promote the Dustin Concept Store where Dustin were giving away vouchers in exchange for mobiles, laptops and tablets. You can find out more about Arena Group  here .



Sustainable Seafood Week was designed to educate Hong Kong audiences on what sustainable seafood is, why it is important and how to eat well while protecting our oceans. The third edition ran from 10 – 18 November 2018 and held events including the Savour Local Flavours Market (9 – 11 November), Aquaculture Tours (17 – 18, 24 – 25 November), and outlets citywide serving ‘Ocean Friendly Menus.’ The challenge was to emphasise the detrimental effects unsustainable fishing practices, while changing habits through pledging to eat and sell only sustainable seafood.

Sinclair was appointed to lead the overall campaign, drive omnichannel discourse, provide strategic stakeholder consultancy, and educate the public on Sustainable Seafood Week and sustainable seafood consumption.

Strategy A tiered omnichannel approach to drive campaign awareness, from pre-event excitement with preview Tours, to engagement at the Market, and leveraging strategic alliances to activate media and consumers.

Experience The Market offered sustainably sourced local delicacies and crafts, educational booths, and an undersea ‘ghost net’ VR. The Tour offered first-hand views of the local fishing industry, with a chance to meet fisherman, and try sustainable dishes.

Partnership Built and leveraged strategic alliances to ignite change citywide and activate media across sectors. Partners included: OpenRice, ASC, MSC, over 30 hotels and restaurants with more than 300 outlets and 5 supermarkets, including Ocean Empire, offering a limited edition dish - Steamed Pompano with Black Bean, Ginger and Scallion Sauce.

Engage Invited targeted media and KOLs to an exclusive preview of the Tours and Market to build thought leadership, editorial and social content on the topic. Celebrities Rosina Lam endorsed the initiative as ambassador, and Rikko Lee served as the MC at the Market preview. Design Ideated creative concepts and developed key design collaterals, including the event poster and adaptation, icons and four panels used at the Savour Local Flavours Market and on the website.

The campaign was a success with over 1,200 visitors to the Market over 3 days, 1,194 pledges, over 34.56 million reach through local and international publications, 20,853 likes on WWF Sustainable Seafood Week social media feeds and KOLs such as @taktakbao and @loshun, and celebrities Rikko Lee (Event MC) and Rosina Lam (Initiative Ambassador) endorsed Sustainable Seafood Week, and supported via social media channels and curated content. You can find out more about Sinclair  here . And check out their Facebook video  here .  



OneWorld created the concept and launched the Clean Bay campaign ( to promote public awareness of living in a watershed, household hazardous waste and proper disposal before it enters the Bay and use of “green” methods of disposal. 

They also created “San Francisco Bay. It’s part of your daily life.” – as the values-driven tagline. Projects included creating a new website design, advertisements, posters, PowerPoint templates, fact sheets, press materials, out of home advertising, brochures, display materials, educational videos, and a public relations event. View images and collateral from the project on OneWorld’s website  here . And you can find out more about OneWorld Communications  here

If you're interested in finding out how one of our Tribe Member agencies and business Partners can help you, send an email to our International Coordinator - Elaine .