Only in Dubai

Nov 23, 2018

By Jon Maloy, Head of Strategy | LightBlue, Dubai |

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Watch out Bangkok, London and Paris; Dubai is coming for you. By 2025 the Emirate is set to become the world's most visited destination in the World.

Currently 4thbehind only to the trio previously mentioned; Dubai has set in motion the “Only in Dubai” strategy. A holistic economic proposition designed to bridge the gap between entertainment and culture. While some voices on the old continent would rather think of Dubai as a mirage in the Desert; unable to compete on the long run with more established cities. Only months away from hosting Expo 2020 why should this city be viewed as anything more than a fade? 


While “the last mile” is often regarded as the most critical phase of any B2C business; Dubai might argue otherwise: The first mile is where they believe they will win the hearts, minds and dollars of their future guests. 

Connecting over 209 cities and welcoming 88M transiting passengers yearly; DXB International is not your average lay-over. With a reported 1.82BN USD (+5.5% YoY) in sales in 2017, The city-state managed turn what is commonly regarded as a dull moment that is forced upon us into an Introduction to what lays beyond passport control; 

From premium Spa concepts, F&B experiences that rival most high-street concepts in, to entertainment hubs and a shopping selection competing with Dubai’s own Dubai Mall, the Airport has become the most profitable mile in the world (NYC’s 5thave included). 


Dubai is not your average Hub; because unlike most hubs it has recognized the value of being one, capitalizing on every step that would be sent their way, making sure that the first step would not be the last. 

So, while today you might still be one of the millions of transiting passengers; The next time you step foot into DXB International you might very well be one the 20M+ tourist heading towards passport controls. 

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