New Report by Tangerine Explores Influencers in B2B

Aug 26, 2020

New report finds that 58% of professionals believe influencers are set to get bigger in the b2b world

  • Creative communications agency Tangerine conducted the research with decision-makers working across the built environment 
  • Research has also been conducted into how COVID-19 has affected the relationship between influencers and their communities

Creative communications agency  Tangerine  launched a major new online report on the 19th of August 2020 to support brands in fully embracing the potential of influencers in b2b sectors. The research uncovers the previously unquantified - and arguably underestimated - degree to which professional audiences are aware of, and receptive to, influencer marketing strategies. The report also features research conducted after the UK’s lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the impact this had on the perceptions of b2b influencers.

With a particular focus on built environment sectors, insights unveiled in the freely available guide include that 58% of construction professionals believe influencers are set to get bigger in the b2b world. The report also reveals that professional audiences view industry influencers in a notably positive light, contrasting with the increasingly mixed perceptions of influencers in a consumer context. 

Based on research conducted by Tangerine in conjunction with Competitive Advantage and Futurebuild, the report represents the most comprehensive study into b2b influencers to date. Respondents included over 2,000 leading industry figures, architects, chartered engineers, consultants and developers.

Surprising findings include that more than one in five of those surveyed have considered becoming an influencer in their respective industry, while over a quarter have already recommended an influencer to a colleague or friend. A further interesting insight is that respondents view b2b influencers as significantly distinct from their consumer equivalents, in terms of both purpose and status.

Further research has also been conducted to find out exactly how the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has affected the relationship between b2b audiences and influencers. Unsurprisingly, there has been a huge increase in social media usage during lockdown, with over a third of tradespeople (37%) heading to social media to gain advice from trusted influencers, showing the even greater demand the pandemic has placed on influencers in a b2b setting.

Barry Maginn, Associate Director at Tangerine and project lead, explains: “We asked construction decision-makers how they would define an industry influencer, offering a range of positive, negative and neutral options. The most popular responses, by a distance, were a ‘credible expert in a particular industry or sector’ and ‘people with the ability to attract the right people to a brand, service or product’. 

“This really highlights that b2b audiences are not only acutely aware that certain individuals have significant online sway within their professional communities; they have also come to regard this sense of ‘influence’ in a much more directly relevant and beneficial way than how they would be likely to view a ‘mainstream’ social media influencer.”

The report concludes that influencer engagement is an underutilised strategy in trade communications and offers significant untapped potential for b2b brands.

Maginn states: “Influential people in b2b sectors is nothing new – far from it. What is new is where, when and how respected individuals can influence and inspire people. Social media, and the reach and platform it can provide, has shaken up the status quo.

“This report, and the research that underpins it, clearly indicates that b2b audiences are not only open to learning about brands and products from influential industry personalities online; they also truly appreciate and actively seek out information from these credible opinion-shapers. It would be remiss for b2b brands to underestimate this trusted and valued channel of communications with audiences.”

The full guide is available now at

Key Findings

  • 58% construction professionals think that influencers will get bigger in the b2b world
  • One in five (20%) of b2b professionals have considered becoming an influencer themselves
  • Over a quarter of respondents have already recommended a b2b influencer to a peer
  • One third (33%) of tradespeople saw an instant uptick in usage of social media channels and web traffic due to lockdown
  • Over a third (37%) of tradespeople turned to social media and trusted influencers to gain invaluable advice during lockdown

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