How Do Travelers Decide Where To Go?

Feb 15, 2018

Vânia Gracio, Founder and CEO | Sing Comunicação de Resultados , Brazil |

The choice of the ideal holiday destination is directly related to the place's offers and the positive experiences of traveler's friends or influencers. Today, influencers are greatly responsible for creating relevance for different types of services and products. As a communication agency, we are increasingly aware of the strength of these influencers so we are targeting more and more unique actions to this audience. 

Many people have a preconceived notion about the ideal destination. However, if a city has a good communication and marketing strategy, it will have great chances of becoming the object of desire for people around the world. We realise that people are increasingly understanding the value of a trip - as they say, it is the best spent money that guarantees unforgettable memories in every way. 

Besides providing knowledge and a new view of the world, a trip may change a person's life. It is at this point, by imagining these benefits, that a person decides the destination to explore. Today, first of all, the traveler will search references on the Internet, talk to people, get into discussion groups and get as much information as possible before departing. 

Having a good infrastructure to meet different traveler profiles is essential. After all, some people travel alone; others travel in groups; and many others travel with family and young children or babies who have very specific needs.  

Planning ahead, making searches, having a support network and being ready to overcome all setbacks are fundamental items for any traveler. After all, if the passion for travel catches you, you will never stop! 

And what is the Brazilian traveler's profile? 

A survey conducted by KAYAK in 2016, disclosed successfully by Sing Comunicação to the press, revealed the Brazilian traveler profile on every type of on-line platform (tablets, smartphones and computers). Most respondents (58%) use computers to plan a trip, with smartphones gaining more and more relevance amongst this audience. 

On computers, the number of searches for cities abroad fell by half compared to 2015, leaving Caribbean attractions - such as Aruba, San Martin and Punta Cana that are highly appreciated by Brazilians - out of the favourite ranking. 

Attractive prices continue to be more relevant than comfort. Economy class is responsible for 96% of flight searches on every platform, while Executive Class accounts for only 3%. 

IPhone users continue to lead the search for luxurious categories; and this trend continues to grow. Searches for four-star hotels increase from 24% to 37%; and  five-star hotels increased from 13% to 20% when comparing a study from 2015 and 2016. That means that 1 in 5 searches using an iPhone is for the five-star category. 

Brazilians are seeking cheaper air tickets and this factor is impacting the choice of destination. With the crisis, the alternative is betting on domestic destinations and also on most affordable prices. The average price of air tickets searched on desktops fell by 46%, while iPhones fell by 24.5% and Android smartphones fell by 9%. 

Searches on iPhone are more frequent for weekend trips, while searches on desktops are made for seven-day trips. It is worth noting that 79% of the searches made on all KAYAK platforms represent up-to-seven-day trips. For long trips 3% of searches are made on desktop and Android smartphones while only 2% are made on iPhones.

Summing up: knowing the audience is essential. Making studies, like KAYAK does, considering its own network or a wider audience can help to develop strategies to be followed. In addition to supporting your business, this data can be provided to your communication agency to further expand your visibility among your target audience.

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