Business-to-Business Marketing

Business-to-business marketers understand their world is changing with dramatic intensity. Digital transformation is changing the way business gets done and buying decisions are made. In B2B2C, the end consumer is bypassing traditional middlemen (distributors and retailers) and communicating directly with manufacturers. Influencers are becoming more powerful as sources of information and inspiration. And yet, personal relationships remain important components in the B2B sale. The decision making process in high value purchases is still complex with multiple decision makers bringing different motivations to the table. Rational arguments and ROI still drive the purchase decision. And yet, those same decision makers are still human, which brand success about more than just the money.

Tribe Global agencies with a deep knowledge and expertise in B2B regularly partner together to provide the expertise, connections and geographies required by the client. Lead gen campaigns, brand development, events and trade show marketing, influencer marketing, social media and content marketing are just a few of the ways Tribe agencies support their clients. Award-winning campaigns are easily extended and translated into multiple markets around the world. By working with a Tribe agency (one or several), B2B brands can truly market themselves globally with local implementation, maximizing the potential for growth and success.