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Impact Scholengroep

A couple of years ago, a consortium of schools called ‘Scholengroep 25 Brugge-Oostkust’ came knocking at the door of comma, brand strategists. Their challenge? They needed a strong corporate identity and a new meaningful name that conveys the shared vision of the different schools to all their stakeholders: pupils, teachers, parents and staff of the supporting services. comma started from the existing school group’s vision and set out to find shared common themes via online surveys. With the results, our creative team swiftly began to work on a new name, baseline, corporate house style, image creation, storytelling and website.

With excellent results … the school group’s new name Impact and its new corporate identity are almost as impressive as the schools themselves. The main reason why the consortium chose comma as their partner is our strategic approach and our participatory methodology. At each milestone of the journey, we consulted with the school group’s communication team of directors and teachers.

Impact‘s story and growth did not stop at a new name and corporate identity. As an active, pluralistic and participatory organisation, the group keeps changing. One example? Last year, they developed a new vision paper to optimise internal processes and human relations. Their baseline 'Schools that impress' is clearly right up their alley. 

comma remains their strategic partner and takes care of all the schools’ internal communication and positioning with the group:

  • Impact scholengroep : name, logo, house style, website, brochure, signage
  • Impress magazine: name, style, member of editorial committee, styling, digital version
  • Stamina : name, logo, corporate identity, website
  • Element: logo, folder
  • De Tandem : logo, website, styling
  • Context : name, logo, signposting, folder
  • Einstein : logo, website, signage
  • Paalbos : logo, website
  • BS Permeke : logo, website

This project clearly whetted our appetite and in the meantime, we have realised great projects for other school groups like Scholengroep aan Zee, Scholengroep 26 and Scholengroep Gent. As schools are an essential link for the future, comma is proud to help them grow. 

Last but not least, comma helps with the school group’s Impact magazine. Usually, this appears in print version but due to circumstances we have now developed e-versions too. 

"Comma always proves to be the perfect sounding board for the strategic communication of our schools and school group. The combine the exact feeling of required closeness and sufficient distance to think along at a process level. They are extremely creative in terms of product development and their involvement in projects within an ever-changing educational sector is unique!”

- Wim Van Kerckvoorde - Director Scholengroep Impact

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