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Hailun, stunning sound and premium build quality

Hailun wants to share its love of piano playing by making pianos accessible to everyone. That is why Hailun creates affordable and family-friendly grand and upright pianos. Unlike other piano brands, Hailun has a family-friendly and warm approach. Comma has helped the brand to achieve their unique, European positioning and to allow high-quality, optimal playing pleasure.

The high-quality, award-winning Hailun pianos are created by a strong European team of experts. As the brand itself originates in China, it sells at an extremely affordable price. Their production factory occupies no less than 430,000 m2 and employs over 800 people. However, due to a misperception of Chinese quality, the brand experienced strong competition from other European piano brands. The result? Coveted leads kept slipping through Hailun's fingers.

comma, brand strategists, decided to take a few steps back and reconsider Hailun's old positioning. Their positioning as a classical piano brand hindered Hailun to stand out from the competition. Our new, contemporary and affordable positioning does exactly that.

We considered many things. How does Hailun take up a strong position as a high-quality brand? Which unique European approach makes it steer clear of other brands? How do we stimulate the points of sales and create brand preference? Working together internationally allowed us collect these insights creatively.

comma started out with field research. Through a Facebook ad, we sent a targeted survey aimed at families. On top of this quantitative research, we added qualitative research. We conducted a questionnaire round in Belgian music schools, targeting children and youngsters who play the piano. In addition, we interviewed some retailers.

Once we analysed the results, we invited the Czech manager of Hailun to 411 , our inspiring workspace. In open dialogue we determined the main target group, company strategy, communication style, unique selling points and the brand essence. Hailun's new positioning took shape.

Now how do we formulate this positioning and communicate to the world? Corporate storytelling voices the message loud and clear: Hailun creates high-quality pianos for your living room. It allows freedom of play for everyone through an optimised production process and an experienced team of European experts. Their new slogan reinforces quality: 'Stunning sound and premium build quality'.

The visual concept brings the story further to life: we created warm colours and photos of Hailun pianos in homely interiors, photographed by comma. We integrated the same storytelling beautifully into the UX design for the new website, that we developed in five languages. Needless to say we first performed a thorough SEO and keyword analysis and included top-scoring keywords in the website’s SEO copy.

We increased visibility in the shops with three captivating roll banner designs. In the meantime, we also optimised the social media channels and created social ads to generate more traffic to the site. In addition, we started up an enhanced Adwords campaign and monitor its results continuously through dashboard reports, with one focused goal in mind: to generate leads for the shops.

What's coming up next? Soon we will be creating a social media calendar and breathe new life into Hailun's social media channels. We will also put forward a retail plan with the shops in the Netherlands and Berlin to provide them with optimal support.

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