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The ‘ZIN’ magazine is the story of a quest, searching for what clients, residents and their relatives expect from Groep Zorg H. Familie. It is also a journey to discover what drives and inspires Groep Zorg H. Familie while working in demanding eldercare and mental healthcare. It requires just the right attitude and above all, you have to enjoy doing it. So the employees of Groep Zorg H. Familie joined forces to reflect on their values and the things that unite them.

Groep Zorg H. Familie has its roots in the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family, founded in 1839. After the Sisters dedicated themselves for over 150 years to the elderly and the psychologically vulnerable, they fused all existing entities and facilities into one non-profit organisation in 2015. To this day, Groep Zorg H. Familie comprises four residential care centres, a psychiatric hospital for children, for adolescents and for adults and a sheltered housing initiative.

The switch to a single non-profit organisation with one overarching umbrella structure and a single brand with various sub-brands initially posed quite a positioning challenge. What was their unique selling point? What do they bring their target group? How do they ensure that the entire group is thinking along the same lines? To achieve all that, comma started off with a positioning workshop in 411 , their inspiring workspace, and looked at the individual entities as well as at the umbrella group. What are the joint strengths and values they want to promote? At the same time, they need to retain the individual identity of each residential care centre and hospital and find out how they communicate with which entity.

Based on a detailed outcome report with the aim of creating a strong brand essence per entity and a skilfully defined umbrella vision, comma set out to work on their visual and verbal storytelling. Which images work best with which entity? What storyline works best for each of the residential care centres and hospitals? The answers to these questions were written down in a brand book that allows a unique style to be rolled out further.

After a series of intense meetings with the decision makers of each institution to discuss wireframes, enough information was gathered to build an optimal, user-friendly structure for the future websites. With a list of previously determined important keywords, comma was able to set up a blueprint as the basis for the design and development of the websites without losing sight of the overarching structure. As we guided the development of the various sites from A to Z, comma created a compelling set of different websites, each with its own approach, yet fitting into the larger picture.

As social media is becoming increasingly important in the care sector too, comma also devised a strategy for setting up different pages in order to keep family, employees and other stakeholders up to date and nudged it in the right direction throughout the start-up phase. By using dashboards, in-depth analyses were carried out so that the results could be closely monitored and adjustments made where necessary. 

Following this beautiful process, comma was called in for another project: what was initially going to be a book for the employees was eventually transformed into a magazine. After several brainstorming sessions the three most popular names were put to a vote and one immediately came out on top: ZIN magazine was born.

The concept and creation of a zero issue magazine in which comma created several pages in details laid the foundation for the creation and layout of the entire magazine. Through several intense meetings and the creation of various illustrations, photo shoots and beautiful stories, ZIN Magazine has become a real gem that deserves to shine!

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