ad agents for LOBERON

Winning new customers with Facebook Lookalike Audience

In order to reconcile growth and profitability, ad agents GmbH, as LOBERON's performance partner, launched a Facebook campaign to target prospective customers with strong financial resources. Loberon aimed to find a cost-effective way to attract German customers and encourage them to buy online. The efficiency in prospecting was maximized without losses.

The team of ad agents GmbH conducted separate prospecting campaigns with the goal of identifying and ultimately winning relevant customers. At the same time a dynamic retargeting campaign was started. Thereby the advertising engagement was converted into sales.

  • The Dynamic event-based prospecting campaign was based on core audiences and lookalike audiences. Conversion events were used to optimize ad delivery (in this case, add-to-cart and purchases).
  • Basis of the dynamic value-based prospecting campaign were broader core and lookalike audiences. In addition value Option was used to optimize ad delivery.
  • This Dynamic retargeting campaign ran in parallel. Dynamic ads were placed for people who had visited the Loberon website. These ads (in carousel and collection format) showed articles previously viewed on the website.

The ads were displayed across all placements across in the Facebook app family, including Instagram Stories, Messenger and Audience Network.

Facts of success:

LOBERON managed to win new customers with the campaign and to increase the turnover.

  • 54% increase in conversion rate, compared to same period in previous year
  • 42% increase in return on ad spend, compared to same period in previous year
  • 44% increase in revenue, compared to same period in previous year
  • 32% increase in shopping basket value

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