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Vote Rump: our thickest burger ever


After such a successful campaign earlier in the year, we were given an even bigger challenge – to do it all again 8 months later. Referred to internally as “the difficult second album”, we knew we would have to create something BIG. This follow-up campaign had to further cement the brand’s confident tone of voice, whilst driving reach, engagement and ultimately pushing restaurant footfall and sales.


At the heart of GBK is a deep, overwhelming belief in the quality of their burgers. Their burgers are so good, they could do almost anything. So we asked ourselves, how good could they actually be? Could they win the world cup? Or solve the problem of global warming? Could they bring world peace? Probably not.

But there was one job that a delicious GBK burger could probably do better. And so our idea was born…

“Vote Rump: Our thickest burger ever”


GBK loved the idea so much they agreed to develop a recipe for a rump burger and add it to the menu. So we became the first creative agency to solve a brief with a burger. And this burger was going to trump all others. We launched our campaign during the peak of the US presidential election in October and November 2016. The campaign was booked to run across national outdoor and digital media, as well as point of sale in all the restaurants. We kept our activity topical by regularly updating the messaging to coincide with the extraordinary events that were unfolding on the other side of the pond.


Unfortunately, the world didn’t get the result it expected. But GBK sure did.

We achieved an estimated 32.2 million impressions, and a reach of over 4 million. Our campaign drove unbelievable buzz across all social media channels, with our trusty GBK loving audience really backing the campaign.

More importantly, our Rump burger was GBK’s bestselling product ever.

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