YOU Agency for Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Burgers so good they could turn a vegetarian


Since Gourmet Burger Kitchen launched in 2001 there have been dozens of pretenders to the premium burger throne. However, we know that theirs are the best. Not just good, but really good. Mightily good. Life-changingly good. And we had to help GBK regain their rightful place as champion of the premium burger bun fight. We set out to create an engaging, unique and confident campaign; the first of its kind from one of the premium burger brands.



"Burgers so good they could turn a vegetarian"

Our campaign sprung from a deep pride in GBK burgers and the quality ingredients used in their kitchens. We didn’t set out to rile the vegetarian or vegan community (they actually offer great veggie burgers for non-meat eaters). Did we expect some negative response? Of course! But did we also know that the 95% non-vegetarian London audience would rally to support us? We really did.

Combining confident creative work with intelligent media planning and buying, our relatively small-scale, London-only campaign was launched across high impact and high frequency Out-of-Home formats, carefully selected to deliver the maximum bang for our buck. And bang it did...



We achieved unsolicited press coverage as culturally and geographically diverse as Huffington Post, newspapers from Melbourne to NY, and pretty much every national British paper joined the discussion. By the end of the campaign, we enjoyed 74% positive sentiment towards GBK online, an estimated 28.4 million impressions on Social Media and a total earned reach of over 1 billion.  Post campaign analysis showed a meaty 14% growth in LfL sales during the campaign period.

We think sometimes it’s good to tell it like it is. Especially when you have a burger as good as Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

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