Los Angeles, USA


Founded in 2005 by Dennis Holt,  USIM has become the fastest growing independent media agency, embracing new cutting edge technologies that have transformed the media landscape across the broad spectrum of clients they work with on a daily basis.

We’re consultants to our clients, guiding them through the ongoing evolution and advancements in the marketing and media landscape. We believe that the agency of the future behaves similarly to a consulting firm, advising our clients in one or multiple capacities, such as strategy, research, analytics, media execution, and even in-housing. 

We believe in transparency and how it builds the relationship and successes between client and agency. We don’t just believe in it, we generally recommend that tech platforms and data be owned by the client, and we work and use the client-owned platforms. In addition, we believe that a transparent partnership, where information is shared in both directions, is key. We value the ability to critique each other’s ideas honestly and dispassionately, trust each other to provide both positive and negative feedback, and candidly share struggles as well as successes. We also have a distinct advantage with our network of local offices that provide data about markets that’s utilized in our retail-based planning and integrated into our national media campaigns.

Our client roster is indicative of the way we work. We have many long-term relationships and have adapted our efforts to our clients’ needs as they’ve grown. We know how to work with both established and challenger brands. We enjoy working with marketers who are in a position to take on their respective competitors through a smarter approach to marketing and media. Our approach to planning is informed by years of experience across every major marketing category, because important insights can be derived from other, non-endemic marketing experience.

Many of our clients are retailers. They require both national and local advertising, so to be successful, we must develop holistic media plans. Online and offline media needs to be in sync to drive awareness, engagement, and conversion. And while our planning tools ingest and crunch data and provide detailed guidance to hyper-target prospective customers with precision, it’s our local personnel adding their insights and perspective so the right strategy and tactics are implemented on behalf of the client.

Our advantage of being independent allows us to reinvest in our team and operations, while always maintaining profitability. We continually evolve as well as develop visionary tools and technologies to adapt and be the agency of the future.

Why are we part of the Tribe?

"Tribe Global offers a prime network of forward-thinking, passionate professionals from independent agencies around the global who work hard everyday to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. Ongoing educational sessions to tap into the institutional knowledge of our peers at conferences and meetings is exceptionally valuable. When business challenges arise, you are always one phone call away from tapping into others who have faced similar challenges in their businesses that are ready to provide counsel. At USIM, it's been refreshing to come together with respected Global leaders at agencies to pitch and win new business and tap into the collective buying power across the globe"