Steam for UMC Utrecht

Outdoor recruitment campaign for UMC Utrecht

For UMC Utrecht, we developed a recruitment campaign designed to tackle the effects of the labour shortage. The demand for healthcare is growing and this increase will remain noticeable in the coming years. As a result more and more healthcare professionals are needed, such as surgical assistants, dialysis nurses or paediatric ICU nurses.

With over 11,000 employees, UMC Utrecht is the largest employer in the region. Due to the ageing of the population and the increasing demand for healthcare, more staff are necessary both now and in the future. UMC Utrecht is mainly looking for surgical assistants, pharmacy assistants and specialised nurses, such as dialysis nurses and paediatric ICU nurses. Apart from qualified staff, there are also opportunities for those who have yet to begin a training programme.

You’re the expert, Tom’s the specialist
The partnership between the patient and the healthcare provider is central to the new campaign. This partnership is changing. Today’s patients are more informed and are increasingly the ‘specialist’ in the area of their own illness. As a healthcare provider, you remain the expert with respect to content, but you work more intensively together with the patient. With the campaign, UMC Utrecht hopes to appeal to potential employees who enjoy the challenge of these new roles. The UMC Utrecht campaign was visible in June 2016 on bus shelters and billboards in Utrecht and surrounding areas.

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