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Learn to Lead

Image and recruitment campaign ‘Officers’
Defence is looking for more tertiary educated candidates for officer positions. They seek candidates trained at pre-university, college and university level and with a good set of brains, who can take responsibility and make important decisions. However, most tertiary educated people have never thought of a job in Defence, while there are great opportunities available in the sector. The image and recruitment campaign ‘Learn to Lead’ should change this by talking about the nature and level of the work, the challenges and the dilemmas.

‘Learn to Lead’ module on the website
An interesting e-learning module has been developed to help acquaint people with the difficult decisions you sometimes have to make as an officer, and the leadership that goes along with this: ‘Learn to Lead’. You are challenged to make decisions under high pressure for you and your team, after which you receive instant feedback on your choices. In a couple of clicks you get an impression of what you can learn during officer training.

One Big Difference
Blogs, video banners and social media are used to generate traffic for the website, as well as a television commercial. The concept of the commercial plays on the similarities and differences between ordinary business and the world of Defence.

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