SomosSapiens for Virgin Telco

Virgin Telco

New brand launch through an integrated media strategy based on Brand & Performance.


SomosSapiens launched the new Virgin Telco brand which belongs to Euskaltel Telecommunications Group.

We had media and communication objectives:

  • Making Virgin Telco known as a new brand, aiming for coverage and Brand Awareness.
  • Integrating media strategy with digital actions in order to generate conversion by qualified leads and sales. Continuous optimisation to get the lowest cost per lead was a must. 


  • Continuity strategy to keep and promote brand memory, simplifying the media strategy: TV (Brand, Lead Creation) and DIGITAL (Performance, Lead Management).
  • Direct response strategy in order to optimize the tactical planning of the TV medium depending on leads objective results.
  • Results measurement through an integral attribution model (crossing the advertising campaign with daily obtained qualified leads).


Success in conversion results and business growth for the brand:

  • We obtained +107% of sales.
  • We exceeded the lead goal in only 4 months while the campaign objective was set for 8 months.

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