SomosSapiens for RISI


Mios! the new adult snack from RISI product positioning. 


RISI offered a new challenge to SomosSapiens: the launch of their adult snack Mios!. A product that was unknown to the public and, at the same time, is a strategic product for RISI in the medium-long term.

This challenge involved brand positioning, creative concept, content and a digital media plan. To excel in this already mature and very competitive market was an ambitious goal. 



Our strategy began by analyzing the brand, category codes and new patterns in consumption lifestyle and food trends.

We should differentiate the product within a category of undifferentiated products. Therefore, we had to create a unique code which would connect well with the product and make it unique.

We reflected on how the brand could positively influence our daily lives and how advertising could be a tool capable of acting in society.


Campaign Result:

  • Creative solution: The creation of a new world between the real and the animated that aims to make you find your own moments, only yours, MIOS pleasures!
  • Branding and performance digital campaign with an influence marketing push: Exercise of severe targeting, contextualisation extracted on each micro-moment and different segmentations designed for each strategy, creativity, channel and concept.
  • Action of continuity contents: In order to strengthen this new brand territory, we created #Placerosof√≠abyMios!, where the consumer can find tips and experiences to boost their happiness.



Success in media interactions: +131% clicks on digital campaign.

Success in sales: 26%


Finalist in Best in Food Awards

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