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Ministry of Agriculture

Flowers and plants. You are the reason. A unique and special viral action.


Before COVID-19, there was happiness and there was sadness, but no matter what, flowers were never missing in Spanish homes as they always bring colour and enthusiasm.

But suddenly people stopped buying flowers…

COVID-19's arrival put citizens and professionals at risk. It was a threat to health workers, police and firefighters, those professionals who were and still are at the front line fighting against the virus.

During the confinement, millions of citizens in Spain leaned out of their balconies and windows every single day just to say "THANK YOU" to all these workers with applauses, cheers and white flags.

But at one point, those applauses were over…

To sum up: We had to help the flowers and plants sector and also wanted to contribute to the recognition of all the professionals fighting against Covid-19.



We chose a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy based on a special and unique initiative supported by digital marketing:

We had the singular idea about sending Christmas Spruces, flowers and air purifiers plants to hospitals, nursing homes and State Law Enforcement. 

We sent more than 600 shipments throughout Spain with the message “You are the reason” #AlegráisNuestraVida (#Youbrightenupourlives).

We needed the biggest viral push possible in order to make as many citizens as possible aware of this initiative. So, we amplified the message sending flowers to Journalists, Celebrities, TV hosts, Influencers, Actors, Artists, Cultural Celebrities, etc. 

This special action was supported by a digital marketing campaign in order to make flowers and plants visible again.



  • The action went viral and was an engagement success: + 10,000 interactions with the campaign hashtag #AlegráisNuestraVida 
  • Success in marketing digital results: + 80 million digital impressions



Gold Award in Publifestival Awards. Category: Best Social Project Strategy.

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