SomosSapiens for Loxamhune


Supporting LoxamHune in brand development and client's digital experience.


LoxamHune is a leading company in rental machinery and lifting platforms in Spain and Portugal. They also provide specialised Training and Events. Their need was to take a step forward and reinforce themselves as the leader in this category.

We started by reviewing the brand identity in order to develop a culture of belonging, design a new digital experience and improve business sales.


Implementation of a comprehensive plan containing Brand Consulting, Business Consulting and Digital Consulting. As well as advertising, communication and media design and management.

Among other tasks and deliverables:

- Brand positioning review
- Brand identity design
- Web redesign and development 
- Brand awareness campaigns
- Segmented lead capture plans
- Social Media communication plan, community management support
- Activation plans for delegations
- Metrics and continuous feedback


  • We achieved +206% of the target leads with a lower CPL of -49% thanks to real-time optimization of SEM and SM campaigns of different business lines.
  • Paid traffic increased in +30% client acquisition vs. 2019.
  • Digital campaign display: +2.5 Million impacts.
  • Social community increased +27%

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