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Alimentos de España

Alimentos de España: An Award-Winning Campaign.


The arrival of COVID-19 and the subsequent crisis put the main sector in Spain, the agri-food sector, in grave danger. 

This sector is vital to the economy: 11.9% contribution to the European Union and 5.8% of GDP in Spain.

There was an atmosphere of mistrust regarding the food supply chain and its origin because of the global pandemic. Spanish citizens ceased to buy local produce due to fear and price.

We needed to strengthen the sector and highlight the crucial work of farmers and fishermen since they represent the base of Spanish gastronomy.



Innovative media campaign to raise awareness and to engage society as a whole:

We started by receiving a big creative concept: The richest country in the world (El país más rico del mundo).

The international chef José Andrés was the icon of the campaign, which had a very emotional message highlighting the pride of spanish foods (jamón ibérico, olive oil, vegetables, cheese, wine, meat, fish, etc).

Our strategy was to enhance the message through a multimedia, comprehensive and innovative campaign (both in initiatives and formats) linked to key moments in our society:

  • Awareness and innovation actions: We focused on key events for spanish society, such as Christmas, National Lottery Day and New Year´s Eve. These are Spanish traditions and key consumer moments where families gather together and share food.
  • Popular and innovation actions: The most notorious ad formats in all media. Especially in OHH - DOOH, where we had national coverage. The highlight took place in the Spanish capital, Madrid, with large street digital media along the main avenue called GRAN VÍA, which is our Spanish Broadway.
  • Prescriptive and innovation actions: We selected the greatest journalists, presenters and thought leaders of TV. We integrated the message into TV programs with the greatest audience and credibility.



  • Media success: 98% national coverage with 3.503.697.512 impacts.
  • Success in brand awareness: Brand awareness has grown +71% (the campaign has positioned “Alimentos de España” in the Top of Mind of citizens.
  • Success in raising awareness: 70% of Spaniards began to feel proud of Spain, the richest country in the world in food and gastronomy.



Gold Award in Internationalist Awards New York. Category: Innovation Media Campaign.

Silver Award in Best in Food Awards. Category Media Campaign.  

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