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Founded in 2010 and based in Madrid, SomosSapiens is one of the most important independent media agencies in the Spanish market. 

SomosSapiens began as a strategy, planning and buying media agency. This is its main positioning, although nowadays the agency has evolved and offers more advertising services.  

They like to describe themselves as a “Media Evolution Company”.  A new agency model based on evolution: When the media, digital and innovation teams work together talent is enhanced and the outcome grows exponentially.

There are 3 specialized areas which belong to the agency and work together to boost the brands business growth:  

  • MediaSapiens: Off Line media Strategy & Planning.
  • DigitalSapiens: Digital marketing – On Line media Strategy & Planning.
  • NovaSapiens: Brand positioning, creative solutions, branded content, special advertising and media initiatives and PR.

In a media landscape concentrated with few and large multinational agencies, SomosSapiens has successfully achieved a new agency model. There are clients who demand a more contained structure, with the necessary integration in their communication of creativity and the media, with greater service and dedication and a demonstrable "expertise" among its managers.  

SomosSapiens handles a wide range of clients and experience, from telecommunications to gastronomy, state institutions, banks, automotive, industry, drinks, insurance, banking real state, education and more.

In addition, SomosSapiens has achieved both international and local awards in 2021:

  • 13th Internationalist Award New York. Metal: Gold Award. Client/Brand: Ministry of Agriculture/Alimentos de España (Spanish food)
  • 15th Publifestival Award Spain.  Metal: Gold. Client/Brand: Ministry of Agriculture / Flowers and plants, You are the Reason.
  • 15th Best in Food Award Spain. Metal: Silver Award. Client/Brand:  Ministry of Agriculture/Alimentos de España (Spanish food)
  • 15th Best in Food Award Spain. Finalists (shorlist). Client/Brand:  RISI snacks / MIOS snack launch.

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<Guillermo Hernández>

Guillermo Hernández


<Paolo Piva>

Paolo Piva

Managing Director

<Ana Cazorla>

Ana Cazorla

Innovation and Development Director