Sing Comunicação de Resultados for Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce

Promoting Central Florida

The event “Doing Business with Central Florida”, organized by Central Florida Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce, took place in São Paulo, aiming to attract Brazilians to live and/or do business in Orlando.

Communication challenges

The big challenge was to get the attention of Brazilians, interested in live abroad, and attract them to the event to learn more about the benefits of living and investing in Orlando, Florida. 

Media strategy

The PR strategy was based on promoting to the media the agenda of the event "Doing Business with Central Florida", taking advantage of the content generated  by the speakers like: how to get the appropriate visa, how to invest and/or open a business in Orlando etc.

For the press campaign we used the following elements:

•Negotiate a media partnership with a business newspaper to reach potential Brazilian business people

•Set-up 1-1 interviews with the main speakers and the event organizers

•Invite the press to cover the event


In only 30 days, 09 press releases were promoted, helping to generate an amazing media outcome:

•17 one-to-one interviews set up with key media

•258 published stories

•Brand visibility in Tier 1 Brazilian media as IstoÉ Dinheiro, O Estado de São Paulo, Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios, DCI, Infomoney,, UOL Economia, TI Inside, JusBrasil, R7, Agência Estado, Agência O Globo and Rádio Jovem Pan among others.

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