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Almundo, one of the biggest multichannel travel agency in Latin America, has selected Sing team to announce the launch of its operation in Brazil.

Communications challenges

Despite being one of the largest tourism agencies in Latin America, was not a well-known brand in Brazil.

Besides using the press to announce the beginning of Almundo’s operation in the country, we had also to provide support on how to communicate with other important stakeholders as employees, potential partners and trade market.

Actions - Paving the way

In order to align the messages to be spread amongst all target audience, the agency created the following materials:

•Script for a corporate video about

•Content for the website in Portuguese

•Corporate decks – full and short versions

•A letter for the employees of in Brazil

•FAQ covering main questions and answers about operations

Media Strategy  Brazilian operations will begin in 2018, but the announcement was made in August 2017, in order to help the company to attract possible partners, talents and start building brand visibility in the trade market.

For the press campaign we used the following elements:

•Announce the appointment of Luciano Barreto, a well-know executive from the tourism segment, as CEO, to the most important business newspaper

•Set up a 1-1 interview of Luciano Barreto for the key business magazine

•Distribute a press announcement about Brazilian operations to media targeted to tourism, business, technology and HR


The media relations plan performed in less then 60 days generated:

•05 one-to-one interviews with key media

•103 published stories

$ 1,3 millions USD in Ad value

•Brand visibility in Tier 1 Brazilian media as, Valor Econômico, Isto É Dinheiro, Folha de S.Paulo, Panrotas

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