Dusseldorf, Germany

Punktzwei Markenagentur

Thank you for clicking on punktzwei markenagentur. Don’t expect any graphs, numbers, figures, long stories about how great we are. We are and work much simpler than that. As simple as the click you just did. Simple to communicate with – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. It’s your choice. Simple to get along with – as long as you can deal with a different point of view for the benefit of the result.

Simple in its structure – we are too small to bear inefficiency and incompetence. Simple in its methods – no psychological tricks; no breath-, money- and time-consuming extensive market research; no unnecessary marketing lingo; no never-ending PowerPoint-presentations. Instead – the down-to-earth method of listening to what the client has to say and what the clients of our client have to say; a good deal of common sense; thoughts and words with meanings; time for the client and for the strategic and creative process. That’s it – it is quite simple. We are people working for people who deal with people.

And we love to do business with nice people – people who are good enough in what they do so that they don’t have to pull ranks, functions or positions.

So If you think you can meet these attitudes we will meet your expectations.

Patrick Bérézowsky

Patrick Bérézowsky