Edinburgh, UK


This is how we describe ourselves;

  • Knights of the round table – traditional doesn’t work any more. Silo thinking is solo thinking. Our way is a big round table with talented experts where creative thinking and powerful ideas thrive.
  • Access all areas – client briefs senior briefs junior briefs writer! Doesn’t work. Gone are the hierarchical layers of Chinese whispers. If you want to speak with anyone of us just pick up the phone. Simple.
  • Outsourcing is in – we stick to what we are good at. And to make those great ideas happen we work with specialist partners from anywhere in the world. It keeps us fresh and nimble. And good.
  • Great relationships produce great work – the fundamentals for our success: teamwork, trust, openness and honesty. And fun. Clients who trust our experience and judgement reap the rewards.
Ian Wright

Ian Wright

Ian was appointed Managing Director in January 2012. He brings a wealth of experience to this new network having spent the last 25 years working in advertising agencies. He has worked in London, Edinburgh and internationally. His experience covers most sectors, with particular experience in finance, tourism, government, media, charities and politics. His passion is working with clients to help them achieve their objectives. Many of his campaigns are award winners, however he is particularly proud of his effectiveness awards. When he's not working you'll find him in the Alps, skiing in winter and walking in the summer.