Faktenkontor for Asklepios

Asklepios - Media Relations and Political Communication

Starting Position

  • Positioning Asklepios Kliniken Hamburg firmly as a modern and responsible company on site and among patients
  • Agenda setting of (regional) health policy matters
  • Positioning as an appealing employer to (potential) employees through authenticity


  • Evidence-based communication based on population and expert surveys
  • Development, consulting and realization of policy letters and parliamentary evenings to inform and maintain contact with (socio) political actors
  • Launch of the blog "Wir sind Pflege" ("We are care"), in which Asklepios employees share stories from their varied daily working lives.
  • Guidance on a thank-you campaign for employees


  • Continuous reporting in the daily, business and trade press
  • Positioning as a healthcare expert in the media and with stakeholders
  • Regularly more than 1,000 interested blog readers
  • Increase in the number of unsolicited applications

Other projects