Strasbourg and Paris, France


Established in 1993, Dagré is a full-service agency located in Strasbourg and Paris, which works with national and international clients. Its 10 members prove every day the talent of the agency in building on and offline strategies.

A united team convinced that strategy, a true creative act, must be placed at the heart of communication if it is to stand out. Supported by original creations, it favours relevance and promotes the influence of your entity.

As a connector for nearly 30 years, the Dagré agency accompanies you to activate your uniqueness and propagate your ideas through innovative channels. We believe that your projects will continue to be talked about. Dagré works with you as an amplifier of your message and adapts to the evolution of the business and technological changes: storytelling, digital, social networks... An innovative, experienced, agile, proactive and influential partner.

0% carbon, a perennial ambition
Since 2006, we make a difference with our involvement in sustainable development. Over a few years, we have planted more than 500 trees in French Guyana and in Cameroon. In addition to that, we have realised carbon balances in order to evaluate our greenhouse gas emissions, to reduce them and to compensate them. 

Why are we part of the Tribe?

Dagré is one of Tribe Global's founding agencies. We are convinced that working in a communications agency we need to be aware of international trends. An international group of independent agencies provides us individually with a brilliant mirror of the global market and the best agora to share ideas and insights. It helps us to continue being creative with the best tools. Our Tribe gives us the opportunity to have business contacts all over the world and to be able to help our clients to conquer new markets.

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Coralie Lutz


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Aurélien Weisrock


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