Headquarter: Erlangen, Germany


The owner-managed group operating under the umbrella brand DEFACTO X offers a comprehensive range of services in the complex field of Consumer Centricity. As an umbrella brand, DEFACTO X merges the expertise from three business fields: Science & Operations (defacto realations, defacto nextperience, defacto digital research, cintellic Consulting Group), Communication Strategy & Campaigns (defacto BE/ONE) and Digital Advertising (defacto smart reach), with sites in Erlangen, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, and Bonn.

DEFACTO X operates in 65 markets worldwide and supplies solutions to suit all demands facing companies today who wish to adopt a consistent customer orientation against the background of digitalisation. 

Why are we part of the Tribe?

"Think global, act local, that’s very important to us. We run global campaigns but in the end if you want to be really successful you have to have local knowledge, and therefore you have to have strong and reliable partners in local markets who you can work together with."

Claus Schuster

Claus Schuster