Concept Factory for ONT - Office National du Tourisme (National Tourism Board Luxembourg)

Unexpected Luxembourg


What do you know about Luxembourg? Is it more than just a city? Is it really so tiny? And so amazingly rich? What can you expect when you travel to Luxembourg?

Well, you can expect the Unexpected! There is so much more to this small country in the heart of Europe. This global media communication campaign invites you to discover all the facets of a country that will amaze you.

Our concept shows that Luxembourg is a country where there are always a thousand things to do. Not just a postcard decor, but a country that never ceases to surprise positively. Not a standard destination, but a destination with a myriad of unexpected facets to match your personality and expectations. "Unexpected Luxembourg" expresses the promise of a surprising and unexpected experience. The concept seduces and makes you want to know more, it does not primarily try to convince rationally.

Coupled with various "testimonial" videos which determined a social media campaign, "Unexpected Luxembourg" succeeded in showing Luxembourg as a lively and welcoming country that the inhabitants are proud to present to the world and promote through the positive perception they have of it. A country where tourists leave with the desire to share their experience.

In doing so, the campaign meets the objective of imposing "one name, one standard, everywhere" for the destination Luxembourg.

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