Billups, Altermark and Mediabridge for Sierra Nevada

Billups: Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada had never done an out-of-home campaign prior to contacting Billups - this was an opportunity to test the impact of OOH media on direct retail sales. They wanted to hit a reach a large while also targeting specific events, but also faced the challenge of alcohol restrictions. 

The client wanted to go live in Austin & Phoenix with a high household income demographic. In Austin, we wanted to focus on high impact bulletin locations with units that skewed towards their demographic and also provided an awareness approach to SXSW.

In Phoenix, the inventory was more geo-tactically planned. Inventory was POI driven, and

properly weighted for their goals. Units were selected targeted Sierra Nevada’s audience where they travelled/lived, retailers, and also spring training venues. The first four weeks of the program in Phoenix was a heavy lift, and the last four weeks was at a sustaining level.

OOH indeed had a proven, positive, impact on unique store visits and sales to those exposed to the OOH. Sierra Nevada had powerful & bold creative that was hard to miss.

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