Billups, Altermark and Mediabridge for Lyft

Billups: Lyft

Lyft has taken the lead to help NYC face what may possibly be the biggest Brooklyn commuter challenge in city history; the shutdown of the L Train. The L Train services approximately 400,000 daily commuters, and the MTA will suspend service between Bedford Avenue and 14thStreet/Eighth Avenue for a projected 15 months. That’s extremely significant and challenging for the community.

They are actively working to develop meaningful solutions to this transportation challenge and in partnership with integrated teams, they’ve created a campaign designed to support the community during this time as a multi-modal complement to public transit, rather than a replacement. 

Introducing Lyft’s “Something’s Missing” campaign, in which Lyft drops their L in solidarity with the community. 

Creative headlines such as “Stay ca m. We wi get through this together,” “ ove where you ive,” and “ ong ive Brook yn” are taking over canvases in high traffic locations throughout

Williamsburg. The URL brings residents to a custom site that showcases how Lyft is working to bring commuting solutions during the L train shutdown. Solutions include working with New York City to get more Citi Bikes on the street (including ones with pedal-assist) so it’s easier to get over the Williamsburg Bridge, an all-access plan that allows riders to pay $299 to get 30 rides for 30 days (up to $15 off each ride) and more fixed pickup spots in congested areas. 

Lyft is also asking visitors to share their own ideas on alleviating the commuter pain via the site or social media with the hashtag #RideOnBrooklyn. 

Overall, as an advertiser in the public forum, we are front and center in the daily lives of residents. We have the opportunity to make a huge impact in how people feel and take on the day. Lyft is truly “walking the walk” by taking this incredibly challenging situation and showing the community what they’re made of (and doing something about it).

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