Billups, Altermark and Mediabridge for Blue Apron

Billups: Blue Apron

Blue Apron, known for delivering incredible cooking experiences for home cooks across the country, wanted to extend its brand marketing with a high impact digital OOH campaign to reach consumers in New York along their daily commute. And yet, one of the challenges, especially among busy commuters, is to get people to change their habits and choose to cook rather than ordering takeout or fast food. 

To inspire commuters, the campaign highlighted how YOU can transform every day of the week by cooking with Blue Apron. Headline copy and creative such as “Chilly Mondays call for extra layers”, “Be someone who cooks steak au poivre on a Tuesday” and “Make tonight’s dinner the one you #TBT”, immediately connects with the consumer and gets them thinking about cooking. 

By investing in a variety of digital out-of-home displays throughout Manhattan and New Jersey, Blue Apron was able to reach commuters during their trip to and from work. Another standout element of the campaign Billups developed with Blue Apron was the dynamic use of digital media assets, showcasing different menu items each day to emphasize Blue Apron’s expansive and delicious meal options. By rotating vivid images of delicious foods, and changing the menu on a daily basis, we were able to keep the copy fresh and consumers wondering what tomorrow’s menu items would be. 

In addition daily menu items, copy was made contextually relevant during key events during the flight. The Super Bowl, Fashion Week & Restaurant Week in NYC, and the Olympics.

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