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BRANDThink is a brand strategy consultancy. We are a collective of brand capitalists – veteran brand and business strategists assembled around a unique methodology created to evaluate, build and or optimize high-value and high-performing brands.

We provide agencies and businesses a comprehensive strategic front-end for developing competitively differentiated positioning and brand strategy. We collaborate to create or evaluate and optimize brands and positioning to align with market opportunity and stakeholder objectives.

We leverage a proprietary methodology and toolset to identify insights, strategies, and tactics that amplify competitive advantage, increase market dominance, and provide the strategic foundation for any brand development or communications initiative.

We are ex-agency folks, unbiased strategic collaborators taking advantage of decades of experience across advertising and integrated communications, business operations, and investment banking. We are creative directors, CMOs strategic planners, and founders/operators identifying insights and market opportunity to create competitive new positionings, or uncover immediate, actionable opportunities for existing brands. We are category agnostic, working across B2B and B2C, from startup and early-stage to mature brands, with a fondness for challenger and disruptor brands. We seamlessly integrate into any agency’s pitch and creative development process.

<Lysle Wickersham>

Lysle Wickersham

Founding Partner

Uniquely right and left-brained, Lysle is a brand capitalist to his core. He understands the power of branding and positioning along with the practical reality of operations, managing a P&L, and scaling a business to a liquidity event. He leverages a career in brand development, investment banking, and management consulting, refining his craft over a 30-year career. As Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer, Lysle built and sold a $170M integrated agency where he positioned and built many world-class brands. He went on to work in several tech startups and founded an investment banking and M&A firm. All of which explains BRANDThink’s holistic and integrated approach to value creation. 

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<Skip McKee>

Skip McKee

Founding Partner

Skip has spent the last 25 years in a diverse range of brand and business development roles within the Boston advertising and brand design industry. Skip’s passion for building brands led him to roles in account management and brand strategy for a variety of brands. A serial entrepreneur, Skip is the founder of two brand design companies which he merged in 2013. Skip is also an active investor and spends an inordinate amount of time sitting on boards and in strategic advisory roles for a diverse group of companies including Dedham Country Day School, Horizons of Greater Boston, and the United States Ski & Snowboard Association.

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<Dee Slattery>

Dee Slattery

Brand Strategist

The scope and breadth of Dee’s experience are significant. With decades of brand strategy and management experience across B2B and B2C, Dee is a brand architect for global giants and startups alike. Her focus is always on brand performance, positioning, and building sustainable equity, helping brands achieve revenue and market share growth. After senior global brand leadership positions with Nautica, Fendi, and Ansell, Dee designs brand strategy across diverse categories from luxury goods to leadership services to recently positioning, branding, and launching new high-end offerings for Gatsby Spirits. The common thread is market success and revenue growth. She’s a natural at building brands and business.

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