New Member recruitment criteria

Tribe Global (TG) has been constituted as an Association located in Amsterdam. TG is led by Ian Wright, Managing Director who reports to a Board of Directors.

Our recruitment strategy is focused on finding the ‘best in class’ independent marketing and communication agencies in the markets that we are targeting and markets in which our Members need support.

TG wants to have a presence in the mature, growing and emerging markets. And we want to be in the world’s most dynamic cities.

For us, it is about building a network of ‘best in class’, like-minded agencies that share our philosophy and collaborative way of doing business. Whilst size of agency is not the most important measure, we must feel confident that any agency we select will have the skills and resources to support other Tribe Global agencies and be able to deliver on projects and campaigns.

We have a clear positioning that identifies delivering business advantage to our clients across the globe as our No1 priority. It is a condition of membership that all new Members buy into this positioning.

Our Members are happy to share their knowledge and expertise. We ask our Members to actively share with other Members their specialist skills and knowledge. This could be in the form of a webinar or a presentation at our annual meeting.

The Board speak monthly and meet regularly throughout the year. Our Members are encouraged to contribute to the Board Meetings. We also hold an annual general meeting, which takes place in the Autumn of each year to which all members are invited.

Membership Criteria.

The following criteria should be satisfied in order to become a Member of TG. The final decision on membership lies with the Board of TG.

Our starting point is ‘best in class.’ We define this as follows;

Agencies that have a strong established presence in their marketplace with a loyal client base and track record of success. They should have a strong management team.

We are looking for agencies that are innovative and entrepreneurial in their approach and are award winning in their chosen field. The agency should have a good profile and be respected in their marketplace.

Membership and involvement with their trade body is viewed positively.

  • In most cases we are looking at 1-2 agencies per market, however in the case of large markets (population of 50m+) or decentralized markets e.g. Germany we may select several agencies, in order to satisfy the needs of that market.
  • We are looking for two types of agency. Firstly, agencies that can act as integrators and are able to provide a broad service offering. This can be done by the agency itself or by joining up with trusted partners. (By integrators we mean they offer a broad range of communication skills, e.g. advertising, social, digital, events, design etc.) We are also looking for specialist agencies that have a real strength in a particular discipline such as social media, lobbying, event management etc.
  • Occasionally, we may select agencies based on a very specific client request, in order to build a custom made ‘network’ for that particular client. However these agencies will still need to satisfy our recruitment criteria and demonstrate that they are ‘best in class.’
  • The Agency must be financially stable and operating profitably.
  • We would like wherever possible for our prospective agencies to be members of their country trade body e.g.IPA in the UK, 4A’s in the USA etc.
  • Membership is only open to independent agencies, and ideally not part of another similar type network.
  • We will require biographies of the Board/Management team.
  • We may seek references covering the performance and standing of the agency in their marketplace.
  • New Agencies must subscribe to our philosophy, culture and collaborative way of doing business.
  • Membership fees are €3,600 per year. If this new agency has other offices, they are also welcome to become part of Tribe Global. It is likely that an additional membership fee will need to be paid, especially if the additional office(s) is in another country. Typically, the additional fee to be paid is 50% for a second office and 25% for a third office. Tribe Global may offer exclusivity in a market, however the potential agency would need to demonstrate that it is able to deliver the full range of communication skills to cover that whole market. Membership fees for this type of arrangement would be by negotiation.
  • Membership fees are issued in January of each year and are due for payment within 30 days. We recognise that agencies sometimes may face challenging economic conditions in their marketplace and in exceptional circumstances TG allows for staged payments. This needs to be agreed by the Board. Please note that staged payments are allowed for 1 year only.
  • Please note that repeated chasing of membership fees is likely to incur a €100 administration charge.
  • All Members will also be required to contribute financially to the TG shared business scheme.  (Tribe Global shared business scheme paper attached).

New member approval process.

The success of Tribe Global is dependent on the quality of our Members. We take the

recruitment process particularly seriously and therefore new Members are appointed by the Board. Our standard process is that any new Member application is discussed at either the Board Meeting following our new Member visit or at the monthly Board conference call. In certain circumstances this process may be accelerated, but this is the exception rather than the rule.