defacto.x portfolio enhanced by merger with d3media

Feb 16, 2015

Strategic merger creates innovative service portfolio for data-based online and offline marketing
Erlangen/Hamburg/Zürich, 17 February 2015. defacto.x, the data analytics specialist and the largest owner-managed full service agency for CRM and dialogue marketing in Germany, becomes the main shareholder in real-time advertising pioneer and targeting specialist d3media.
The strategic merger of the two companies and the bundling of their core competencies creates the technological and solution basis for powerful, data-based online and offline marketing solutions across all channels.
Advertising companies gain new possibilities for using customer data throughout the customer journey with to date unobtainable efficiency in real-time advertising and in media orientation.
Companies possess first-party and customer data from a variety of sources such as CRM programmes, e-commerce platforms and web analytics. However, these are often only examined or assessed partially or not at all.
The new range of solutions from defacto.x and d3media offers advertisers, with immediate effect, the integrated, cross-channel use of all their first-party and CRM data from one source. This is supported by their own intelligent algorithms and fully developed scoring models which are now expanded with valuable user insights from their own targeting technologies and years of online campaign expertise. From the knowledge obtained, defacto.x and d3media derive clear recommendations for action and targeting models on how to approach both existing and potential customers. This results not only increased efficiency within customer dialogue, they also enable advertising companies to achieve ongoing customer value-oriented optimisation of communication across all marketing channels – from display via social media and e-mail, through to mobiles, videos, postal mailings and the point-of-sale (POS).
Jan Möllendorf, Managing Director of defacto.x GmbH: "The digitalisation of communication and the explosion in data available is leading to new opportunities, but also to challenges in advertising and customer dialogue. With regards to achieving sustainable and long-term success, it is no longer about the lowest CpO, it is about optimisation of the customer lifetime value. The merger of d3media and defacto.x offers in this respect the necessary analytical, operative and creative skills, all from one source."
Jens Jokschat, of CEO d3media AG: "Up to now, first party data in real-time advertising has mostly been used in a one-dimensional way for simple retargeting. However, e-commercers know much more about their users than just which products the latter viewed last looked at in the shop. The merger with defacto.x enables the creation of intelligent targeting concepts, which utilise the full potential of CRM and first party data. The results are campaigns which take into account the buying behaviour of customers in the online and offline worlds, thus securing competitive advantages for the advertisers."

defacto.x, covers the full range of services in customer relationship management and dialogue marketing. As a full service provider with specific CRM data expertise, the agency focuses on analytical, creative and operative expertise and delivers a service package that is tailored to the individual requirements of the client. With its consulting, aCRM, creative, research, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), IT and digital business divisions, defacto.x is able to operate globally in 65 markets within a huge variety of industry sectors.
d3media AG is the first German special service provider for data-driven display advertising. The Hamburg-based online marketing experts operate technologies for purchasing, optimisation and analysis of online display campaigns (via real-time advertising). Thanks to it being possible with these to approach target groups with the utmost precision, advertisers and agencies can not only increase response values and sales volume, they can also contribute in a targeted way to branding on the Net. Customers do not require their own technologies, databases or infrastructures: d3media AG offers design, consultancy and implementation as a full service and operates in Hamburg and Zürich.