VitalBriefing Join Independent Ad Network, Tribe Global

Jan 27, 2020

Our independent agency network welcomes a second Member agency from Luxembourg with the addition of VitalBriefing! They bring extensive knowledge in content creation, branding and thought leadership.

Here's a message from the agency's co-owner, David Schrieberg. 

"In these digital times, when organisations need to be publishers, they struggle for accurate and relevant intelligence to guide internal decisions and compelling content to support clients and encourage sales prospects. That’s why we created VitalBriefing, a "virtual outsource newsroom" of industry-expert journalists providing the exact, ready-to-use content tailored to clients’ specific needs - in any industry.

Co-founded by a Pulitzer prizewinning journalist/entrepreneur and a search technology pioneer/former Thomson Reuters president, VitalBriefing is a global network of 60+ veteran journalists who use the company’s proprietary content management platform to a) harvest, filter and synthesize essential information to produce internal business intelligence and b) create long-form "well-told stories" that provide the best thought leadership/content marketing reformattable for any platform (e.g. websites, blog posts, LinkedIn posts, tweets). And always, it’s "content you can trust." 

We're delighted to grow the Tribe community, which includes some of the best marketing agencies in the world.

If you're interested to find out more about VitalBriefing you can contact them here

Telephone: +352 621 191 107

LinkedIn:    @VitalBriefing