USIM Partners with TransUnion to Expand Media Insights and Targeting Platforms

Jun 2, 2022

USIM’s proprietary cross-device data platforms get a boost from robust data assets and machine learning technology to enhance the personalized customer experience.

USIM , one of the leading independent media agencies in the U.S., has partnered with TransUnion to enhance its consumer data targeting solutions, including its newest one, uView™. USIM’s uView™ will leverage a unique consumer ID across media platforms and devices to target and reach individuals with more precision and relevance than ever before.

As a steward of data for over 50 years, TransUnion is the ideal source as a data partner. With robust coverage of nearly every adult consumer in the United States, TransUnion’s TruAudience® solutions will allow USIM to transact with consistency, regardless of whether they are activating in walled gardens or the open web, online or offline.

Data within TransUnion’s TruAudience Platform can now be utilized by USIM in tandem with not only uView™, but also across its proprietary geographic and media consumption platform, PurView™. USIM operates its PurView™ platform for clients providing customized trading zones and contextual relevance for any geo location powered with the collection of mobile and OTT data. Driven by its mission to maximize media effectiveness for its clients, USIM also realized the valuable impact that combining the data streams of its reporting and insights features would have on navigating today’s complicated marketplace.

“Our clients are facing seismic shifts in the advertising landscape with the end of mobile ad tracking and third-party cookies, and the increasing importance of utilizing their own data in a privacy compliant way. This Transunion partnership allows USIM clients to overcome these new challenges and brings new solutions to optimize the delivery of messages to customers and prospects across growing media channels like connected TV and new social platforms” said Rob Jayson, Executive Vice President, Insights and Analytics, of USIM.

With the average U.S. consumer owning 3.2¹ digital devices, and third-party cookies becoming obsolete, efficient digital identification and targeting has remained a challenge for brands. With robust data assets and proprietary platforms in its back pocket, USIM can combine geographical, behavioral, and transactional data insights to create a more accurate profile of each consumer.

“Advertisers’ need to reach the right consumers effectively, at scale and across the media channels where those consumers engage. We’re excited that our work with USIM means more advertisers can solve for these complex challenges. With TransUnion providing powerful technology, consumer data and detailed understanding of identity, more advertisers can execute cross-channel, people-based campaigns quickly and easily,” said Matt Spiegel, EVP of Media and Entertainment Vertical, TransUnion.

The partnership with TransUnion allows USIM clients to securely leverage data with advanced technology and media expertise. The most relevant ads are delivered to the intended consumer, moving one step closer to a completely personalized customer experience. “Through USIM’s uView™, we can accurately create a consumer journey across all devices and not depend on cookies to reach consumers,” said Ryan McArthur, Executive Vice President, of USIM.

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