Two Cundari campaigns featured in the 100 smartest campaigns in world

Sep 21, 2014

To compile the top 100, Warc tracks campaigns that have won at 75 international award shows and assigns points based on their award level (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.) This year they tracked a total of 1,733 campaigns to find the winners. The organization doesn’t count award shows based on creativity alone, rather it focuses on awards shows that recognize strategy and effectiveness, allowing for the ranking of the smartest marketing campaigns in the world.

Landing at number 35 on the list, Cundari’s ‘1M Launch’ campaign included precision performance films that were housed on YouTube and received more than 3 million views in two weeks.It was a big winner at the CASSIES, winning a Gold, and at the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide Globes Awards, where it won two Golds. The 1M Launch was the beginning of an ongoing campaign for BMW M vehicles, the awe-inspiring latest edition which set new records for BMW with a million views in just 36 hours.

Tying with Our BMW work for the 35th place of the Warc Top 100 list was our work for Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). 

Every year at SickKids they treat thousands of children with cancer, and the doctors, nurses and researchers are continually working on innovative ways to manage and minimize the pain experienced during treatment. To do this they ask their patients to record how they are feeling in a handwritten pain journal. However, after treatment many patients are too tired or discouraged to keep detailed reports. The sad reality is that unless this pain data is collected consistently, it cannot be utilized. Before this project, pain reporting compliance rates were as low as 11%.

SickKids challenged Cundari to find another way to get the young cancer patients to keep detailed reports of their pain every single day. Research led the agency to the most powerful insight – children with cancer are still children. We tapped into their inherent love of playing video games and created a digital pain journal App.  By embracing gaming, the App found a way to take a previously tedious task and make it fun and even empowering.

Since Pain Squad’s launch, compliance rates for pain journals have been over 90%. This type of completion percentage is unheard of in paediatric medicine. The campaign took home the top “Best of the Best” prize at the Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide Globes Awards, as well as two Golds at Cannes, and another Gold at the CASSIES.