Tribe Global Welcomes New Partner BRANDThink

Jul 1, 2021

A world-class strategic capability deepens the Tribe.

We are delighted to welcome BRANDThink as a Partner to our growing global network.

BRANDThink is a brand strategy consultancy offering Tribe Members a comprehensive strategic front-end for developing competitively differentiated positioning and brand strategy.

They collaborate to create or evaluate and optimize brands and positioning to align with market opportunity and stakeholder objectives. They’ve developed a proprietary methodology to identify insights, strategies, and tactics to amplify competitive advantage, gain market dominance, and provide the strategic foundation for any brand development or communications initiative.

They are a collective of brand capitalists — veteran brand and business strategists assembled around a unique strategic development process and a recently developed cloud-based brand evaluation platform created to assess brand strength, identify market opportunity, and optimize brand performance. As agency people, they understand the creative side of branding, how strategy must translate to execution, and the need for efficiency in the process.

BRANDThink is the lead voice of a movement defining a new best practice building brand equity and all its intangibles as a requisite operating principle to build high-value and high-performing brands and businesses. Their offering is seamlessly integrated and bespoke in scope. Key business include:

  • Brand evaluations/audits
  • Market opportunity assessments
  • Positioning development
  • Defining and articulating core brand attributes
  • Brand/business strategy
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Brand extension of positioning

They are unbiased strategic collaborators leveraging their experience, philosophy, and toolset to create competitive new positioning or uncover immediate, actionable opportunities for existing brands. BRANDThink is category agnostic, working across B2B and B2C.

Find out more about BRANDThink and how they can help you  here .

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