Tribe Global Sponsor Gamify Europe 2019

Apr 15, 2019

Gamify Europe | Made of Outliers

Gamify Europe 2019 will take place on Thursday May 9th at Lispolis in Lisbon. It will be a one day event filled with great speakers, workshops and lots of networking. We invite you to join the Tribe at Gamify Europe. 

Gamification is no longer just a buzzword; it is a well-established engagement tool that many companies have already employed and are still employing to achieve ambitious business goals. The question now is, if it is already established, why aren't there more results being put forward? 

In an effort to break the status quo, our Member agency Fractal Mind are challenging gamification actors and corporate decision makers to focus on the facts and highlight how game thinking has impacted their organisation or their clients' key business results. To this effect, Made of Outliers, organised by Fractal Mind in partnership with Tribe Global and EY , has already confirmed speakers to showcase case studies such as Brand Activation and Events with ADIDAS [David Balfour, LIGHTBLUE -Dubai], long term Retail Sales Teams projects with Worten [Rui Cordeiro, Fractal Mind - Lisbon], Employer Branding and the Public Sector with the Dutch Police [Jari Kloppenburg, Steam - Amsterdam], Environment and Smart Cities using a European project implemented at Cascais City Council [João Dinis, Portugal] and Banking and Finance with Caixa Federal of Brazil [Ricardo Costa, Brazil] among others. There will also be workshops focused on gamification areas such as UX/UI, Storytelling and Game Thinking. 

We all know how easy it is to promote achievements and engagement levels, but when it comes to sharing actual numbers and results, things have had a tendency to stay silent. This is where Gamify Europe proposes to change the trend, by showcasing the Outliers - ie. the ones that have the numbers to back the bragging rights - and focusing on their stories and key takeaways

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