Tribe Global Celebrates Turning 10!

Jan 27, 2022

Independent Agency Network, Tribe Global, celebrates its 10th year!

Today marks Tribe Global's 10th birthday!! Ten years of friendship, growing, learning & sharing, working together, supporting one another, meetings all over the world, and so much more.

We are honoured and grateful to be celebrating with our community of extremely talented businesses and individuals.

Just over 10 years ago, the heads of thirteen agency owners from around the world came together crystalizing a vision that had been formulating in casual, private conversations for years but up to this point had not been acted upon. the decision to move forward and create something new was unanimous. That something new would quickly become known as Tribe Global, a global network of independent marketing and communications agencies.

A foundational pillar of this venture was deep respect and friendship each of the founders had for each other. Beyond that however, was a like-minded approach to business and life, which further cemented the resolve of that founding group to succeed. Those ideals of respect, friendship and common purpose live on as the network expands and diversifies by adding talented agencies with new skill-sets and capabilities in markets around the world.

The network officially launched on January 27th, 2012 in London. Organizationally, a board of six was formed and elected Daniel Eischen (Concept Factory, Luxembourg) as its first chairman. Ian Wright (Family, Scotland), signed on as the network’s Managing Director. And, the rest as they say, is history! 

Ten years on and Tribe’s agency network has grown to more than 3000 professionals in over 75 cities worldwide, empowering Members, Partners and their clients and providing genuine business advantage on a global scale.

As a ‘Thank you’ to our Members & Partners, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, we have a special content programme lined up which we will be making announcement for throughout the year, available exclusively for Members & Partners of the network.


Here's to the next ten years, and more!