Travelations: Global Perspectives for Travel Marketers

Sep 26, 2019

Todd Bolin, Chair of Tribe Global, reviews our 'Travelations' initiative this World Tourism Day

Tribe Global is a network made up of independent, owner-run communications agencies throughout the world. One Tribe, Many Vibes. is the phrase used to aptly describe the makeup of our diverse Membership. No shared ownership; various shapes and sizes; including generalists, specialists, and Partners. There is, however, a common goal of shared learning and growing business. Plus, we've come together because we have chosen to, not because we have to. 

This past year, we launched an initiative within Tribe called Travelations. Many Tribe Members came together with a common interest and expertise in travel/tourism and hospitality. By pooling our experience (in the form of case studies) and sharing and coordinating our thought leadership activities that we were already doing individually, we've created a marketing initiative that scales and extends our reach well beyond our individual capabilities. 

Being able to assemble a bespoke team of trusted travel experts, located in the markets required by clients and prospects gives each of us in the Tribe a powerful advantage in new business and expands the opportunities for which we can compete. Tribe Members are by definition independent and entrepreneurial, but by tapping into the network and pooling their efforts, the power of many can result in more business for all. 

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Todd Bolin is CEO of Bolin Marketing (Minneapolis) and serves as Chair of Tribe Global.