The Tribe Global Network Grows with Freedman International

Oct 20, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Freedman International will be joining the Tribe Global network; a growing marketing network of independent communications agencies and smart businesses.

Collaboration and communication have always been at the heart of Freedman International, and Tribe Global with a network of 3600+ people across 80+ cities provides an exciting opportunity to tap into a global talent pool and share our services with a network of independent agencies worldwide, enabling them to in turn offer high quality insight-driven localisation capabilities to their clients.

Kevin Freedman, Founder of Freedman International adds ‘ this is an exciting development for Freedman. As we come out of the pandemic and find our feet in the ‘new world’, these type of collaborations add immeasurable value to both us, as an independent agency, but also enables us to be more agile and help brands [through our connections with the Tribe Network] at the most timely point for them.

He goes on to explain ‘with our head office in the heart of Covent Garden, London, this network will give us the opportunity to be more present to our customers in more markets than we were previously able.’

Ian Wright, Managing Director for Tribe Global comments ‘not only has the way that people work changes, but businesses have also had to adapt and become more agile than ever before. The Tribe Network is designed to empower, inspire and connect like minded independent agencies, sharing skills, ideas, best practices to ensure they are ready for every opportunity – wherever it may be in the world!’

‘It’s great to have Freedman onboard, and I have no doubt this expertise will be invaluable across the network.’

Freedman International is the leading insight-driven localisation agency with over 30 years’ experience helping global marketers build their brands internationally. With an end to end service offering, from providing in-depth local cultural insights, through to creative adaption, transcreation and production of campaign assets, Freedman ensures that global communications resonate with local audiences and are effective in every market.

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