The Power of Many

Nov 13, 2019

As an independent agency owner, you wear many hats; leader, shareholder, manager, mentor, mediator, cheerleader, bad cop, good cop, devil’s advocate. Hopefully you’ve gotten to the point where you’re working less IN the business, and focusing on working ON the business. But, regardless of how many people you employ and whether you own the business or have partners, I’ll bet you can relate to the idea that owning an agency can be a somewhat lonely profession. The weight of the business ultimately rests on your shoulders and there are often sleepless nights wondering where the business is headed. As our business and the industry itself continues to change and evolve, there can be not only comfort but also business advantage in aligning your agency with an independent global agency network. 

For the agency looking to compete more effectively and confidently in today’s world, an independent network can help your agency: 

-      Grow business from current clients

-      Compete for clients you wouldn’t be able to in the past (punch above your weight!)

-      Bring a global perspective

-      Stay abreast of the latest trends from around the world

-      Learn, share and challenge agency peers (owners just like you) from around the world

-      Motivate your rising star employees with a global exchange programme few other agencies in your competitive set will ever be able to offer.

Like membership in any organisation, it’s a commitment and you will get out of it what you put it. So, the excuses of “I’m too busy” may be true for you today but recognise that truly successful leaders make time for initiatives that will enhance long-term grow opportunities for the agency. 

Todd Bolin is CEO of Bolin Marketing (Minneapolis) and serves as Chair of Tribe Global, an independent agency network with 40 agencies around the world. Our Members are entrepreneurial, agile, motivated, learning organisations looking for competitive advantage.