Tempest Advertising Pvt. Ltd. wins Gold at Adex... Yet again !

Dec 7, 2015

The intent:

To make the statement: Women are stronger than we think.

Our society, presumably due to its patriarchal roots, still perceives women as the weaker lot. The intent was to convey the reality that women are in fact far more resilient and resolute than what they are given credit for, and showcase their stoic quality.  

The objective-correlative:

Iron: One of the universally recognized symbols of strength.

Also, the use of Iron counts amongst the major human advancements that ushered modern civilizations. So Iron carries with it a gravity of honour. 

The idea / execution:

The Periodic Table Representation:

On the Table of Elements, Iron is represented by its symbol: ‘FE’: the exact two letters that begin the word FEMALE. This gave us the unique opportunity to merge the symbol FE and the word FEMALE, thus conveying the message WOMEN CONTAIN THE STRENGTH OF IRON IN THEM.